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Online databases for newspapers, magazines, and much more!
The Sayreville Public Library subscribes to many newspapers and magazines, including the Home News Tribune, the Asbury Park Press, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and more. For a complete list of periodicals available in paper format in the library, click here. The following databases are available from computer stations in the library. For those that allow access from home, you will need your Sayreville library card.
Online Classes

Universal ClassClick here or on the logo to start using Universal Class. You will be prompted to type in yourSayreville library barcode number TWICE. Once you do this, you will need to create an account with Universal Class. You may choose any login ID and password that you would like. You are then ready to go!

Universal Class features include:

  • Remote, 24/7 Access via the Internet
  • Continuing Education Units on Selected Courses
  • Connect with Other Students
  • Real Instructors

Available subjects include:

  • Computer Training
  • Personal Finance
  • GED Training
  • Business
  • Professional Development
  • Pet and Animal Care
  • Music and Painting
  • Health Services Training
  • Office Skills
  • Self-help
  • Spiritual Studies
  • Home & Garden
  • Web Development
  • Crafts & Hobbies
  • ESL
  • Medical Billing
  • Click here for a complete list of classes!

Universal Class FAQ

What is UniversalClass™?
UniversalClass™ is an online educational service dedicated to providing the highest quality online courses. The online courses are delivered in a consistent, verified, easy-to-use format that is accessible to students worldwide. Over 300,000 students have benefited from the state-of-the-art online courses!

Who can take courses on UniversalClass™?
Any Sayreville Library cardholder that has an interest in a UniversalClass™ course and wants to be certain of quality instruction, personal guidance, and tracked progress. To fully benefit from the online classes, you'll need at least a high school reading level.

How does UniversalClass™ regulate course quality?
UniversalClass™ reviews instructors, monitors instructor participation, and scrutinizes course quality for any course placed in our course catalog and other category areas. Classes promoted on public service have been reviewed for quality instruction from quality instructors.

What are the advantages of taking online classes on UniversalClass™?
There are many. First, UniversalClass™ virtual classrooms are extremely easy to use. Second, their proprietary technology allows you to receive continual feedback from instructors regarding your progress in a course. All student work is tracked in the online courses. UniversalClass™ can verify student's progress through detailed logs. Additionally, successful students may earn a Certificate of Course Completion that documents their final grade, along with other assessment information. This certificate is available in hard copy form and can be electronically registered and verified on their service via a unique serial number.

Are these Courses worth college credit?
We do not make any guarantees that any course on our service will convert to "college credit". We can only provide interested parties with official information that documents your progress in a specific course. Some institutions will accept the documentation as proof of fulfilling a course requirement, and others will not. No online or mortar-based school can guarantee that any specific course you take at any college will be accepted by another institution. Ultimately, it's up to your advisor and/or admissions office.

How can I be sure I'm taking a UniversalClass™ reviewed course?
If the course is listed in the course catalog or in any of their categories, then it's a course that has been reviewed by the Course Review Committee.